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At Ears Care, we offer mobile ear wax removal in the historic city of Chester and surrounding areas. Our team of experts use the most recent ear syringing techniques and equipment to clean ears both gently and safely. We have made it our mission to ensure that all individuals can access our ear cleaning services. Simply get in touch to book your appointment and our team will travel directly to you.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your hearing or you think you may have ear wax build-up, do not hesitate to contact us.

Email us at contact@earscare.co.uk or give us a call on 07563885981 to speak to our friendly team.

About Our Ear Syringing in Chester

Chester, famed for its well-preserved Roman walls and medieval buildings, offers a unique blend of history and modern living. Our Chester ear wax removal clinic is dedicated to providing top-tier care to keep your hearing sharp. Enjoy a day at the Chester Races, a walk along the Rows, or a visit to the Chester Zoo without the nuisance of ear wax buildup. From Hoole to Handbridge, our skilled audiologists provide precise and safe ear cleaning services for all residents. Explore the Chester Roman Amphitheatre, visit the Grosvenor Museum, or take a boat trip on the River Dee. From shopping at the Grosvenor Shopping Centre to dining at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel, our services ensure you hear every detail. Whether you’re exploring Chester Cathedral, taking a walk in Grosvenor Park, or enjoying a performance at the Storyhouse Theatre, our expert care is here for you. Residents in Upton, Boughton, Blacon, and Huntington can trust our skilled audiologists. Whether you’re visiting the Chester Castle, exploring the Blue Planet Aquarium, or relaxing at the Chester Racecourse, our ear care services keep your hearing clear.

For many individuals, travelling to an ear clinic is simply not an option. This is especially the case for elderly clients or clients with physical limitations. We founded Ears Care to make sure that our cleaning service is accessible to everyone! Get your ears syringed in the comfort of your own home by a professional team committed to helping people hear better.

At Ears Care, we are happy to book group appointments for family members or larger groups of patients within care homes. We also offer an emergency ear wax removal service if you require an urgent ear syringing appointment. All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll get your ears back to feeling good.

Appointments available 7 days a week (We are open 6am-9pm)

What Areas of Chester Do We Cover?

At Ears Care, we are extremely flexible when it comes to travelling to different areas in and around Chester. Some of the locations we cover include:

  • Saltney
  • Blacon
  • Curzon Park
  • Huntington
  • Upton
  • Handbridge
  • Newton
  • Lache
Not sure if we cover your area? Please get in touch with us as we may still be able to visit you!

Why Choose Ears Care For Your Ear Wax Removal in Chester?

The main advantages of our ear wax removal in Chester include:


As a team, we aim to provide you with an ear syringing experience that is both safe and comfortable. Our mobile service is hugely beneficial for customers who struggle to visit a clinical environment. We’ll travel to you and carry out the ear cleaning from the comfort of your own home so you won’t have to worry about anything!


All of our nurses at Ears Care are NHS registered, DBS checked and hold indemnity insurance. They also have certifications specifically designed for ear syringing so you are guaranteed to receive a safe, efficient service. We use only the safest ear wax removal techniques and equipment to remove ear wax as gently as possible.


At Ears Care, we understand that sometimes, you require ear syringing at short notice. That’s why we offer same-day appointments and flexible booking. We are open 7 days a week and can visit you as early as 6am or as late as 9pm. We’re more than happy to work around your schedule - give us a call on 07563885981 to find out more!


At Ears Care, the only payment you'll have to make is for the service you receive. We will travel to you completely free of charge.

How It Works

1. Get in touch – Book a quick consultation with our Managing Director who will ask you a few questions to determine whether you need an appointment.

2. Confirm an appointment – Together, we’ll choose a time and location that suits you for the appointment.

3. Prepare for the appointment – At Ears Care, we recommend using medical olive oil drops or spray in the affected ears one to two days before your appointment. This will help soften the wax before removal.

Please note – This quantity will vary based on your individual symptoms and circumstances.

4. The procedure – You will be given a two-hour time slot for your appointment in the comfort of your own home.


Ear Wax Removal In Chester

Looking for a professional ear syringing specialist in Chester and the surrounding areas? Ears Care is here to provide you with exceptional ear cleaning services, all from the luxury of your own home.

Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and experience better ear health.

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Chester Ear Wax Removal FAQs

Ear syringing will make your ears look cleaner and also make them feel more comfortable. On top of this, if you don’t get the ear wax removed from your ears, it can lead to other health problems such as fluid build-up, pain and hearing loss.

At Ears Care, our ear wax removal sessions can last between 30 to 60 minutes however, this will vary according to the individual and the extent of the ear wax build-up. It’s important to remember that our ear care specialists will take the necessary time to ensure thorough removal, providing you with all of the necessary care.

Absolutely! Ear syringing is completely safe when it is carried out by trained professionals. Our team of trained professionals follow strict hygiene guidelines and use specific tools designed for ear wax removal. This minimises the risk of injury or infection.

Flexibility is something we pride ourselves on at Ears Care. Once you have booked your appointment, our team will aim to arrive at your home within 2 hours. This also applies to same-day appointments.

Getting your ears cleaned by a professional is far safer than attempting to do it yourself at home. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could be at risk of accidentally damaging the eardrum, which could worsen your hearing problems. Additionally, getting your ear wax removed by a trained expert means that you’ll know for certain that all of the wax has been removed properly. 

Whilst the main advantage of ear syringing is better hearing, it can also:

  • Reverse the various symptoms caused by blocked ears (such as tinnitus)
  • Stop dizziness 
  • Improve balance 
  • Reduce the risk of developing an ear infection
  • Help you feel more confident at social events

Yes, we do. At Ears Care, we are happy to book group appointments for family members or larger groups of patients within care homes. 

Yes. If you require an urgent ear syringing appointment, our experienced team offers an emergency ear wax removal service. 

FAQs for Chester Mobile Ear Wax Removal Services

Yes, we provide mobile ear wax removal services throughout Chester. Our service is available to residents in areas such as Hoole, Handbridge, and Blacon, bringing convenient ear care directly to your home.

In Chester, our mobile service utilizes safe and effective methods like microsuction and irrigation. We travel to locations including Chester Races, the Rows, and Chester Zoo to provide our top-notch ear care.

Booking a mobile appointment in Chester is simple. You can call us directly or book online through our website. We service areas near Grosvenor Museum, Chester Cathedral, and the River Dee, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our clients.

No, ear wax removal during our mobile visits in Chester is generally painless. Our experienced audiologists come to you in places like the Chester Roman Amphitheatre, Blue Planet Aquarium, and Storyhouse Theatre, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Yes, our mobile service in Chester caters to patients of all ages, including children in areas such as Upton, Boughton, and Huntington.

A mobile ear wax removal appointment in Chester typically takes about 30 minutes. We travel to you, whether you’re near Chester Racecourse, the Grosvenor Shopping Centre, or Chester Train Station.

No referral is needed for our mobile ear wax removal service in Chester. You can book an appointment directly, whether you are located near Chester Castle, St Werburgh Street, or the River Dee.

Many insurance plans cover our mobile ear wax removal services. Please check with your provider or contact us for more information if you live near Hoole, Handbridge, or Blacon.

Before your mobile appointment in Chester, avoid using cotton swabs or inserting anything into your ears. This helps ensure a safe and effective removal process, even if you are at home near Chester Cathedral, Grosvenor Museum, or Chester Races.

The frequency of ear wax removal depends on your individual needs. Our mobile audiologists in Chester can provide personalized recommendations during your visit to areas like Hoole, Upton, and Boughton.

Client Testimonies for Chester Mobile Ear Wax Removal Services

"Fantastic mobile service in Chester. They came to my home in Hoole, and the procedure was quick and painless."
- Anna W., Hoole
"Really impressed with the mobile service. They came to my office in Handbridge, and my ears feel great now."
- Richard D., Handbridge