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If you’re looking for a professional ear wax removal service in Oldham and the surrounding areas, take a look at our flexible mobile ear syringing service at Ears Care. 

Drawing on a wealth of experience in safe and effective ear wax removal, our team is dedicated to helping our patients hear more clearly. We use the latest ear syringing techniques and equipment to remove ear wax both gently and safely in the comfort of your own home.

At Ears Care, we believe that better hearing contributes significantly to your overall quality of life. If you are worried about your hearing or you think you might have ear wax build-up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 07563885981 to speak to our friendly team.

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About Our Ear Syringing in Oldham

Oldham, perched on the edge of the Pennines, combines urban life with picturesque countryside. Our Oldham clinic offers comprehensive ear wax removal services to ensure your hearing is always optimal. Whether you’re exploring the Saddleworth villages, visiting Gallery Oldham, or watching a performance at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre, our expert care ensures ear wax buildup won’t spoil your day. Residents from Chadderton to Royton can count on our skilled audiologists for top-quality ear care. Spend a day at the Tandle Hill Country Park, explore the Dovestone Reservoir, or visit the Saddleworth Museum with clear hearing. From shopping at the Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre to dining at the Smoke Yard, our services keep your hearing clear. Whether you’re enjoying the Oldham Carnival, taking a walk in Alexandra Park, or visiting the Oldham Parish Church, our audiologists are here to help. Residents in Shaw, Lees, Moorside, and Failsworth can trust our professional care. Whether you’re exploring the Hollinwood Canal, visiting the Oldham War Memorial, or relaxing at the Crompton Moor, our ear care services cater to your needs.

At Ears Care, we appreciate that for many customers, travelling to an ear clinic is simply not a practical option. We founded Ears Care to fill this gap, offering mobile ear syringing that is accessible to all. Instead of travelling to a clinic to get your ears cleaned, our team of experts will travel to you and carry out the ear syringing from the luxury of your own home. This is especially convenient for clients who are unable to travel due to health reasons or for individuals who don’t want to wait for a scheduled appointment.

Appointments available 7 days a week (Flexible timings between 6am-9pm)

Why Choose Ears Care For Your Ear Wax Removal in Oldham?

The main advantages of our ear syringing include:


There’s no need to worry if you’re in urgent need of an appointment as we offer same-day appointments and are open 7 days a week. We’re also very flexible when it comes to working around your busy lifestyle - call us on 07563885981 to find out more!


Our team of experts use only the latest and safest ear wax removal techniques and equipment to remove ear wax both safely and gently. Our nurses have completed courses specifically designed for ear syringing and all of them are NHS registered, DBS checked and hold professional indemnity insurance.


At Ears Care, we do not charge extra for travel. This means that all you’ll have to pay for is the service you receive.


Our team of professionals are extremely experienced when it comes to providing a calm and reassuring ear cleaning service. The service is especially beneficial for those who struggle to visit a clinical environment. At Ears Care, we appreciate that it can be daunting to visit a medical setting, which is why we travel to you!

How It Works

1. Get in Touch – The first step is to call or book a consultation with our Managing Director, who will ask you a series of questions to determine whether you need an appointment.

2. Confirm an appointment – After this, we can choose a time and location that suits you for the appointment.

3. Prepare for the appointment – We recommend using medical olive oil drops or spray in the affected ears one to two days before your appointment. This will help soften the wax before removal.

Please note – This will vary based on your symptoms and circumstances.

4. The procedure – You will be given a two-hour time slot for your appointment in the comfort of your own home.


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Book Your Ear Wax Removal In Oldham

If you require a professional ear syringing specialist in Oldham and the surrounding areas, Ears Care is here to help. Our team of experts are here to provide you with exceptional ear cleaning services, all from the luxury of your own home.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience better ear health.

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Ear Syringing FAQs

Ear syringing is a popular treatment used to remove ear wax which is blocking the ears. This effective and painless technique is used to remove wet or very soft wax that has collected on the eardrum. Previously known as ear irrigation, this method has been developed and improved over time.

If you are suffering from ear wax blockage, you should consider getting this treatment. If you don’t remove the ear wax from your ears, it can cause serious health problems such as:

  • Fluid build-up 
  • Pain and hearing loss

Ear syringing will make your ears look cleaner and will also make them feel more comfortable.

Once you have booked your appointment, our team of professionals will aim to arrive at your home within 2 hours. This also applies to same day appointments.

If left unattended, ear wax build-up can lead to pain and discomfort that is hard to endure. To help in those situations, our experienced team offers an emergency ear wax removal and ear check-up service. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to help. 

Yes. At Ears Care, we offer group appointments by blocking out time in our calendar so we can conveniently tend to several family members or larger groups of patients within care homes.

Research suggests that hearing is directly linked to quality of life. This is because when you can hear better, you are able to better connect with the world around you!

In addition, good hearing has also been shown to improve:

  • Intimacy and warmth in relationships
  • Ease of communication
  • Social participation
  • Sense of control over your life

Generally, our ear wax removal sessions last between 30 to 60 minutes but this will vary depending on the individual and the extent of the ear wax build-up. Please note that our ear care specialists will take the necessary time to ensure thorough removal and provide all of the necessary care.

Yes. Ear syringing is fully safe when carried out by trained professionals. Our team of experts follow strict hygiene protocols and use specialised tools designed for ear wax removal, minimising the risk of injury or infection.

FAQs for Oldham Mobile Ear Wax Removal Services

Yes, we provide mobile ear wax removal services throughout Oldham. Our service is available to residents in areas such as Chadderton, Royton, and Shaw, bringing convenient ear care directly to your doorstep.

In Oldham, our mobile service utilizes safe and effective methods like microsuction and irrigation. We travel to locations including Gallery Oldham, Tandle Hill Country Park, and Dovestone Reservoir to provide our top-notch ear care.

Booking a mobile appointment in Oldham is simple. You can call us directly or book online through our website. We service areas near Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre, Alexandra Park, and the Oldham Coliseum Theatre, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our clients.

No, ear wax removal during our mobile visits in Oldham is generally painless. Our experienced audiologists come to you in places like the Saddleworth Museum, Hollinwood Canal, and Crompton Moor, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Yes, our mobile service in Oldham caters to patients of all ages, including children in areas such as Lees, Moorside, and Failsworth.

A mobile ear wax removal appointment in Oldham typically takes about 30 minutes. We travel to you, whether you’re near Oldham Parish Church, the Oldham War Memorial, or the Smoke Yard.

No referral is needed for our mobile ear wax removal service in Oldham. You can book an appointment directly, whether you are located near Alexandra Park, Tandle Hill Country Park, or Gallery Oldham.

Many insurance plans cover our mobile ear wax removal services. Please check with your provider or contact us for more information if you live near Shaw, Crompton, or Royton.

Before your mobile appointment in Oldham, avoid using cotton swabs or inserting anything into your ears. This helps ensure a safe and effective removal process, even if you are at home near the Saddleworth Museum, Dovestone Reservoir, or Hollinwood Canal.

The frequency of ear wax removal depends on your individual needs. Our mobile audiologists in Oldham can provide personalized recommendations during your visit to areas like Chadderton, Lees, and Moorside.

Client Testimonies for Oldham Mobile Ear Wax Removal Services

"The mobile ear wax removal service in Oldham was excellent. They came to my house in Chadderton, and now my hearing is clear."
- Karen B., Chadderton
"Great service! They came to my office in Royton, and my hearing has improved significantly. Friendly and efficient."
- Michael W., Royton